What the FDA Says about 5G

October 13, 2020 psyokilo No Comments
The latest wireless digital network technology, 5G, is promised to provide stronger internet access for mobile phones. But, some respected health experts such as Joel M. Moskowitz, Dr. Bill P. Curry and Dr. David O. Carpenter believe that it’s harmful to human health. A new Food and Drug Administration (FDA) review of the scientific data show that the predominate view is that 5G is safe.In the concerned camp, there’s a conviction that the type of radiation emitted by cell phones can cause brain damage, reproductive disorders and other health issues. According to 5G health skeptics, the greater levels of radiation relative to past wireless digital network systems makes the risk greater. Still, the FDA has made it clear that radiation levels are within the acceptable limits laid out by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) exposure guidelines.Deploying 5G is not an insignificant project. It is a new technology, not merely an upgrade on 4G, and therefore comes with extensive new installation requirements. For this reason, local government planning initiatives are involved.Though the mobile carriers are touting it, it will take time for 5G to be fully deployed. As 5G networks spread around the world, opponents will continue to challenge the technology on health grounds.