How to spy on a phone

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Do you really know what spy apps are used for? Spy apps can be considered one of the best technologies for mobile phone users to monitor someone else’s mobile phones without even giving it and their knowledge. Millions of people in the world are using these monitor tools to keep an eye on someone else’s mobile phones.

People are using many mobile apps, but they have to install them on the person’s mobile phone, which they want to spy on, but what happens when you cannot have access to that person’s mobile phone for some reason. With our help, you will be able to fully speak on someone else’s mobile phone without having to install any software on their phone. We provide you with a very safe and Secure method for spying on a person’s mobile phone.

Spy on Phone

How to spy on a mobile phone without having it?

The first method you can use to spy on a mobile phone without actually having it in Spine. It is said to be the best mobile monitoring solution for Android users and as well as for iOS users. With the help of Spine, you can remotely monitor iPhone sant eye pads, and you do not have to install any software on these iPads and iPhones for monitoring them. Still, if you want to monitor android smartphones for Android tablets, you have to install software on them first.

 For spying on someone’s phone, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • You are required to sign up for a free sign account on the website and enter your email ID as your user name.
  • You need to purchase a subscription and then spy on a single smartphone without installing any software on them if you have bought a premium plan, but if you want to monitor multiple smartphones at once when you have to go for the business plan.
  • Now, you need to set-up instructions in your email inbox and start by choosing iOS as the target platform.
  • This is all you need to do; now, you are ready to monitor a person’s smartphone remotely for free.

How to monitor someone’s Android smartphone or tablet:

  • The first thing you need to do to spy on someone’s Android mobile phone or tablet is signed up for a free Spyine account on the website and enter your email id as the user name.
  • Then you need to buy a monthly subscription, and you will be able to spy on a single Android phone or tablet if you have bought the premium version of the app. If you want to monitor multiple Android smartphones or tablets simultaneously, you need to buy the business plan.
  • You need to open the email after you thought the subscription and ok on the setup wizard and let it install.
  • You need to download and install Spine on the target device, and you will be given the option to hide the app on the person’s smartphone.

What are things you will be getting access to, or what things can you spy on?

  • Messages

You will be able to read or check all the incoming or outgoing messages on the person’s smartphone. You can get extra details like all the numbers that are saved on that mobile phone, and you will also be getting access to the files that are being exchanged from that mobile phone.

  • View all logs

You will easily view all the people calling tone that mobile phone and double also be getting the details about the people called from that particular mobile phone. The software will also let you record mobile calls.

  • Location

With the help of this software, you will be able to follow the interested person’s location. You will be able to follow that person’s movement or mobile phone with the GPS tracker’s help and get all these features for free.

  • Get passwords

It also lets you know the passwords that the person is using and all thanks to the built keylogger. You will also find out the user’s names for any apps or online accounts that the users are the targeted phone logs into.

The spine is a global app, and millions of people are using this app for spying or monitoring other persons’ mobile phones for free. Many mobile apps are present for this purpose, but you have to pay some amount of money for this, but the tower app will receive all these features for free without paying any amount of money.

Millions of people trust our app, and it is also very user-friendly as you don’t have to root your mobile phone and it is very easily installed on your mobile phone.

Spy on Phone

Frequently asked questions

  • Can you spy on someone’s mobile phone without installing software on the targeted phone?

Yes, you can very easily monitor someone’s mobile phone without installing software on that mobile phone.

  • Can you spy on a mobile phone without having access to it for free?

You can easily monitor a mobile phone if it is an IOS mobile phone or tablet, but you cannot monitor it very easily if it is an Android mobile phone or tablet.


There are no fully free software or apps that will allow you to monitor a person’s mobile phone activities, but some apps and software charge you a minimal amount of money for providing the services. Here in this article, we have provided you with solutions that you can use to monitor in horror smiling on a person’s mobile phone whether they are using an IOS or Android.